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Attraction Nearby Rumah Eyang Homestay

 Malioboro Street Market 
Malioboro position as the main street where a variety of carnival and celebration being held has never changed. Besides, Malioboro street get lined with stores of batik, handycraft, and fashion products. In Sanskrit, Malioboro means: "flower bouquets" because in the ancient times when the Palace held an event, a mile-long road would be filled with flower bouquets. 

Beringharjo Traditional Market 
Beringharjo is also one of the 'four in one' poles (consisting of South Square, Sultan Palace, North Square, and Beringharjo market) symbolizing economy functions in Yogyakarta. Collection of batik cloth is available in west and north parts of the market, while batik clothes collection is available almost everywhere in the west part of this market. In addition to batik clothes, the west part of the market also offers traditional clothes: surjan, blangkon, and sarong both woven and batik printed ones. Sandals and bags sold at reasonable prices are available around the escalator of the west part of the market. 

Code River - historical site 
Code river is the base channel for merapi lava. This river and it's community has been widely talked at local, national, and international level, yet for flood research, mount Merapi research, waste and community research, etc. While staying in unplanned area, the Code people blend each other and create harmony with the nature, although they live in low and middle class sectors. YB Mangunwijaya is one of the central character who build and re arrange this community. He use refurbished and recycle materials to build some of the housing and community places there. Get in touch with this community while enjoying coffee or some light meal while sit on along the river banks.